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3D Architecture is an architectural firm in central New Jersey providing professional services that include the design of a variety of projects from residential, both additions and new homes, to commercial and professional offices, as well as industrial and warehouses.


Once a building permit is obtained, the site will be cleared, the foundation is set, each level is erected, the exterior finishes are installed. As the exterior is being finished, the interior systems and finishes are also being completed. Click “contact us” above to learn how we help you develop your building design which leads to the construction phase.

Project Process Schematic Design:

In order to help you achieve your goals, we will go through a design process in which the shape of the project will be defined based on space needs, budget, practical needs, and aesthetic considerations. The project will develop through a series of design meetings with our talented design staff.

Design Development and Construction Drawings:

Once the design of the building is completed, our technical staff will add all of the required details into the drawings. This will result in a complete set of drawings which will include the following information: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical (incl. HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Sprinkler).

Construction Bids and Construction Administration:

At this stage you will be able to obtain construction bids, choose a contractor, and obtain a building permit. Once permits are obtained construction can begin.

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